37: Securing Our Elections with Ben Ginsberg

Jen analyzes the Republican primary and looks at how the budget battle ties into recent foreign policy developments, before welcoming legal expert Ben Ginsberg.  They compare J6 to Bush vs. Gore, looking at how our politics have become more extreme and why equal protection under the law is relevant to our elections.  Then, they weigh whether our elections are secure, discuss how vote by mail, voter ID, and an increased number of voting days can help restore faith in our system.  From there, they look at the prospects for Trump’s quest to save himself with presidential immunity and examine the impact of the 14th Amendment challenges to his candidacy. Get More From This Week’s Guest: Ben Ginsberg: Twitter | Hoover Institute | Federalist Society | Election Official Legal Defense Network Please Support This Week’s Sponsors: Miracle Made:  For 40% off high quality self-cooling sheets plus an extra 20% off with 3 free towels with promo code GREENROOM, go to trymiracle.com/greenroom Magic Spoon:  Save $5 off a delicious variety pack of protein filled Magic Spoon Cereal when you go to magicspoon.com/greenroom and use the promo code: GREENROOM Babbel:  Learn a new language with Babbel and get 55% off when you go to Babbel.com/greenroom Get More From Jennifer Rubin: Twitter | Threads | WaPo | Author of “Resistance: How Women Saved Democracy From Donald Trump”

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