48: Breaking The Frame with Billy Ray

Billy Ray discusses various movies he has worked on, including 'Breach' and 'Shattered Glass,' and delves into the complexities of understanding characters like Robert Hansen. He explores the themes of deception, confirmation bias, and the power of storytelling in politics. Billy emphasizes the importance of understanding conservative voters' fear of chaos and the need for Democrats to rebrand themselves as agents of stability and freedom. He also discusses the abortion issue and suggests effective messaging strategies for Democrats. Billy and Jen discuss the importance of Democrats appealing to the middle ground and avoiding extreme positions. They highlight the need for Democrats to call out the left and distance themselves from radical ideas that alienate voters. They also emphasize the power of framing the election as a choice between an American and an extremist, rather than a Democrat and a Republican. The conversation touches on topics such as LGBTQ+ rights, cult mentality, breaking the frame in political discussions, and the importance of addressing local issues. Overall, the conversation provides insights into effective messaging and strategy for Democrats. Billy Ray is an American screenwriter and film director. He has written numerous films including Captain Phillips, Richard Jewell, Breach, The Comey Rule and The Hunger Games. Get More From Jennifer Rubin: Twitter | Threads | WaPo | Author of “Resistance: How Women Saved Democracy From Donald Trump”

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