52: Split Screen Election with Marc Elias

Jen is joined this week by Marc Elias, sign up to democracydocket.com/signup The conversation covers the ongoing trial involving Stormy Daniels and the implications for Donald Trump's defense lawyers. It also delves into the Supreme Court's immunity case and the potential swing vote of Justice Barrett. The discussion then shifts to voting rights and the challenges posed by the Supreme Court's decisions on the Voting Rights Act and Section 2. The conversation concludes with a focus on the latest trends in Republican efforts to suppress voting and manipulate the electorate. The conversation discusses the efforts by Republicans to pass laws that target people in cities and racial minorities, making it harder for them to vote. These laws also create opportunities for voter intimidation and cheating. Republicans are challenging laws that protect election officials from harassment and intimidation. They are using big data and AI to target voters and challenge their right to vote. The conversation emphasizes the importance of protecting democracy and the need for citizens, lawyers, and politicians to stand up for voting rights.

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