53: Investigating Jan 6th with Tom Joscelyn

Jen Rubin and Tom Joscelyn dissect the intricate web of events surrounding the January 6th Capitol attack and its aftermath. They scrutinize key figures, investigative findings, law enforcement failures, and the pervasive threat posed by right-wing extremist groups. Delving into the implications of accountability, they explore the potential consequences of legal actions against former President Trump, the authoritarian tendencies within his movement, and the role of media in perpetuating conspiracy narratives.  Takeaways: The findings of the January 6th report have not been changed by subsequent information, and new details have only further corroborated the initial conclusions. Steve Bannon's involvement and communications on January 6th are of particular concern, as he was in contact with President Trump and expressed a willingness to obstruct the transfer of power. The investigation into the war room and its role in coordinating the attack is ongoing, and more information is needed to fully understand what happened. The failures of domestic law enforcement and the normalization of right-wing extremism are significant threats to American democracy. There are concerns about the reticence of the FBI and intelligence agencies to fully investigate and address the threat of right-wing extremist groups. The crimes committed by the January 6th defendants were serious, and their actions should not be downplayed or dismissed. Mike Pence was in danger on January 6th due to Donald Trump's targeting of him for not overturning the election results. The atmosphere of the January 6th committee was intense, with a focus on telling the story of what happened and holding individuals accountable. The Secret Service has had its share of scandals and issues, and there are concerns about its loyalty and performance. The erasure of emails and messages raises questions about transparency and accountability. The Espionage Act case against Donald Trump is significant and the message it sends if he is not prosecuted is dangerous. Trump's defense of taking classified documents and his belief that he can do anything as president reflects the authoritarian nature of his political movement. Right-wing media sustains an echo chamber of conspiracy theories, and defeating the insurgency requires reaching out to Republicans who do not want to be aligned with extremist ideologies. Losing decisively at the ballot box is necessary to initiate a reformation on the American right. Hope lies in the resilience of the American people and the belief that there are more people who reject extremism than those who embrace it.

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