Episode 1: The Call

February 9, 2004, was no ordinary day for 21-year-old University of Massachusetts nursing student Maura Murray. The Dean’s List student leaves campus without telling a soul and heads north in her beat-up 1996 Saturn sedan. Several hours later, she vanishes without a trace off the side of Route 112 in Woodsville, a village in the town of Haverhill, New Hampshire. She is never seen again. This day will haunt her family and friends for the rest of their lives. This season examines one of the country’s most widely recognized true crime mysteries as told by those who lived it. This episode starts in the middle of the tragedy, February 9, 2004, and we quickly learn that nothing is black and white. Her sister, Julie Murray, brothers Fred Jr. and Kurtis Murray, and her father, Fred Murray, reflect on receiving THE call. Tune in to hear other exclusive interviews from award-winning Investigative Reporter Bob Ward, Attorney Terrence O’Connell, and renowned author and Clinical Psychologist Seth Gillihan. Anyone with information about Maura Murray's disappearance is asked to call The New Hampshire State Police Cold Case Unit at 603-223-3648. To learn more about Maura Murray or see the sources used for this episode, visit MissingMauraMurray.org. Media Pressure is a Voices for Justice Media production. Follow the show on social media Instagram: @MediaPressurePod Twitter: @MediaPressPod Facebook: @MediaPressure Season one of Media Pressure is hosted by Julie Murray Twitter: @JulieMurray2_9 TikTok: @MauraMurrayMissing Instagram: @MySisterMauraMurray Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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It’s been twenty years since 21-year-old nursing student Maura Murray disappeared without a trace on February 9, 2004. Yet countless questions remain and her family continues to fight for resolution. Her mysterious disappearance is a story that strangers have told hundreds of times. But absent in the story you’ve heard are the voices of those who knew Maura, those closest to the investigation. Not anymore.  Maura’s sister, Julie Murray, hosts Season 1 of Media Pressure- The Untold Story of Maura Murray. The goal for this season is to cut out the noise and reveal who Maura really was with exclusive interviews, an in-depth look into the investigation efforts, and an exploration of the impact on those left behind. New episodes every Monday.