Benny Blanco: 3 Ways to Stop Caring About Failure & Get Out of Your Own Way

How can you overcome the fear of failure? What can you do daily to care less about failing? Today, Jay sits down with Benny Blanco for an inspiring conversation about pursuing passions, mentorship, failure, and continuous motivation. Benny has made a huge mark on the music industry contributing to hundreds of millions of album sales worldwide. Benny has worked with A-List artists like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry. As a solo artist, his albums "Friends Keep Secrets" and its sequel have amassed over 11 billion streams, featuring multiple platinum hits. Beyond music, Benny has ventured into television and even released a cookbook, "Open Wide," showcasing his diverse talents and interests Benny shares insight on how to not let failure stop you and getting over imposter syndrome. We also go dive into Benny’s life outside of music, exploring his passion for cooking through his cookbook "Open Wide." Plus, Benny talks about his relationships, how he keeps his creativity flowing, and the small joys that make his life special. In this interview, you’ll learn: How to pursue your passion with limited resources How to not let failure get in your way of achieving your goals How to embrace the unexpected in creative work How to transition your passion into different fields How to find joy and creativity in everyday moments Don't miss this intimate look at Benny Blanco's life and maybe learn a thing or two about making your own multi-track masterpiece or the perfect dish to serve at dinner! With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 03:43 What’s the First Creative Thing You Put Together? 06:15 I Never Cared About Failure 10:33 Developing Amnesia to Failure 14:22 How Did You Meet Your Mentor? 18:10 “The Boy I Mentored”  23:42 How Do You Show Up After a Rejection? 26:51 Love Can Be Felt Through Music 29:56 What Do You Do When You Wake Up?    32:02 Why Do You Struggle with Meditation? 33:28 Why I Went to Therapy 38:25 The Pressure of Perfectionism 44:49 Do You Love to Cook? 47:20 Do You Eat Healthy? 48:47 Finding Comfort in Food 54:42 What’s Your Sleep Pattern? 56:40 Friendships Built Over the Years 59:19 Multigenerational Friendships 01:03:44 Better Relationship After Divorce 01:05:52 Benny on Final Five    01:15:57 What’s Your Vice? 01:17:53 Do You Take Supplements? Episode Resources: Benny Blanco | TikTok Benny Blanco | Instagram Benny Blanco | YouTube Benny Blanco | Twitter Benny Blanco | Facebook See for privacy information.

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