Laura Lynne Jackson: How to Know What Your Inner Voice Really Means & 4 Steps to Tap into Your Own Psychic Abilities

Why is it important to listen to your inner voice? How can you cultivate a stronger connection with your inner voice? In this episode, let's welcome Laura Lynne Jackson, a renowned psychic medium, author, and spiritual teacher, celebrated for her profound ability to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds. She has authored several influential books, including "The Light Between Us" and "Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe," which delve into the ways we can connect with the afterlife and harness our own psychic abilities.  She is widely respected for her compassionate approach and her commitment to helping others discover the transformative power of their own inner voices.  Laura shares personal stories and professional experiences that illustrate the transformative power of tuning into the inner wisdom. She outlines practical steps anyone can take to cultivate a stronger connection with their inner voice, such as meditation, reflective practices, and journaling. These activities help clear the mental clutter, allowing the inner voice to emerge more clearly and influentially. Jay and Laura also explore common challenges people face, like doubts and confusion about following this inner guidance, and provide reassuring advice on how to overcome these obstacles. Laura also stresses the value of trusting and acting on the insights provided by the inner voice, highlighting how this trust can lead to a more authentic, fulfilling life. In this interview, you'll learn: How to identify your inner voice How to cultivate genuine connection How to interpret your feelings How to trust your intuition How to apply insights to everyday life As you become more attuned to this powerful guide, you'll find clarity and direction in areas of life where you need it most. Don’t ignore it; embrace it and let it lead you to a more connected and fulfilling life. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 03:05 The Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium 06:59 We All Have Psychic Abilities 09:50 Discovering Your Own Ability 17:31 My Brainwave Patterns Are Different 22:04 The Psychic Abilities We Aren’t Aware Of 32:17 Weakened Disconnection to Our Inner Voice 35:50 Standing Firm with Your Moments of Knowing 40:41 How to Reconnect with Disconnected Relationships? 49:32 What Does Infatuation Mean? 55:27 Vibrations of Love 01:04:44 Living in the Present 01:10:26 How Important Are Tangible Signs 01:17:02 The Answers is Within Us 01:23:14 Being Still Within Yourself 01:25:19 Death Is Not A Dead End 01:35:02 How to Connect with Your Soul? 01:39:20 Getting Into Your Light Energy 01:42:44 Laura on Final Five Episode Resources: Laura Lynne Jackson | Website Laura Lynne Jackson | TikTok Laura Lynne Jackson | Instagram Laura Lynne Jackson | Facebook Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe The Light Between Us: Stories From Heaven. Lessons for the Living See for privacy information.

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