Does the paleo diet hold the secret to health?

Each day this week, we’re examining one of the world’s most popular diets. Putting the latest scientific evidence under the microscope, we’ll find out the true impact of these diets on your health.Today, we’re talking about the paleo diet, rooted in the idea of emulating our hunter-gatherer ancestors after concerns about the impact of a modern westernized diet packed with highly processed foods.However, the diet often involves consuming increased amounts of saturated fats, primarily from meat. This is associated with heightened cholesterol levels and heart disease risk.In this special episode of ZOE Science & Nutrition, Jonathan is joined by Christopher Gardner, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University and the Director of Nutrition Studies at Stanford Prevention Research Center. Together, they dissect the diet’s potential benefits, pitfalls, and sustainability. If you want to discover the right foods for your body, head to and get 10% off your personalized nutrition program.Follow ZOE on InstagramTimecodes:00:00 Introduction00:42 Topic intro02:05 Is the paleo diet a logical diet based on where we came from?03:03 What’s so appealing about the stone age diet?04:19 What’s the difference between paleo diets now and our authentic ancient diets?05:30 What are the theoretical health benefits if you were to follow the paleo diet?06:32 What are the downsides of following the paleo diet?07:09 How closely does the ancestral paleo diet match our modern paleo diet?09:25 What's the verdict?10:04 OutroIs there a nutrition topic you’d like us to cover? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to cover it.Episode transcripts are available here

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